Achieve, develop, and Progress in Your career with Orchard View Healthcare

Through the Orchard View Peak Program, you can set expectations for your growth. As you achieve new levels of success within the program, you increase your knowledge and your paycheck.

To be eligible to begin the Program, you must be:

Employed as a full-time or part-time team member with Orchard View Healthcare for at least 60 days;

current with all required training and education;

in good standing with no disciplinary counseling at a level higher than verbal within the past 6 months.

  • Take The First Step:
    Letter of Intent 1

    Complete a Letter of Intent through Relias to get the process started. (Applications are reviewed weekly and may take up to 7 days for your enrollment to be processed.
    *Submitting a Letter of Intent does not guarantee acceptance in the Program.*

    Request Application
  • Step Two: Get Endorsed 2

    A member of the Peak Program Admin Team will review your application. If approved, the Peak Program Champion (or Administrator) will notify you of your acceptance and complete your eligibility endorsement.

  • Step Three: Learn 3

    Once your enrollment is approved by the Peak Program Administrator, and your Center’s Orchard View Peak Program Guide, you can sign into Relias and begin completing your Peak modules.

    Not all modules will be available at the same time. Every 2 weeks, additional parts of the Program will become available to you until all modules and requirements are achieved.

  • Step Four:
    Demonstrate Your Skills 4

    You are almost to the Peak. Discussing and demonstrating what you’ve learned is an important piece of Peak Program. Your Guide will meet with you following your completion of each Level of the Track you selected to discuss the material and depending on the track you enrolled in, you may be asked to demonstrate your skills or participate in an activity. When you feel ready to demonstrate your skills, reach out to your Peak Program Guide for assistance.

  • Step Five: Earn 5

    Following completion of a Peak Program Level, you will receive a wage increase effective the first day of the pay period following level completion. Notify The Peak Program Champion that you completed the level and they will notify the HR/Payroll representative at your location, who will then process your increase.


    Level 1 - $0.30 per hour
    Level 2 - $1.00 per hour
    Level 3 - $1.00 per hour

    *Please allow 1-2 pay periods from the effective date for the wage increase to be reflected in your pay. Any retro pay due will be included in the first check that includes your new wage.

  • Step Six:
    Continue Your Ascent 6

    Learning never ends. Challenge yourself to continue to the next Peak Program Level and earn more rewards!